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At REACH US - Pilbara Inc, we provide a range of support services to cancer patients and their families in the Pilbara region. Our personalized services are designed to address the physical, emotional, and practical challenges of cancer, and to improve the overall quality of life for those affected by the disease.


Applications & referrals for support are accepted from anyone including family, friends, colleagues & health professionals.


Support is available to all Pilbara people of any age with any type of cancer 


Referrals for support are accepted from anyone including family, friends, colleagues & health professionals.


Upon receival of a referral, our application process consists of three simple steps and approval for support is fast.


Domestic Support

Reach Us can provide practical support around the home to assist when family and friends are not available. This includes cleaning, gardening, pool maintenance and cyclone readiness.

Professional Counselling

1:1 and virtual counselling is available to assist and support you and your family, addressing the emotional effects and stressors stemming from your diagnosis.

Physiotherapy & Massage

Clients can access massage and physiotherapy where needed to address complications from treatment or to assist recovery.

Equipment Rental

During your treatment you may require the use of certain support items.There are a number of items including wigs, chemo beanies/turbans,wheelchair cushions etc. available for rent upon request.

Cooking & Meals

Whilst we cannot physically come to your home and cook for you and your family, Reach Us can work with eateries in your area to provide nutritious and delicious pre-cooked meals for you and your family. Enjoy fresh and hot or bulk order to fill the freezer to use when you need it most.

Travel Assistance

Keeping families together through treatment is important to us. We can assist with flights for minors/dependents when no support is available at home when traveling for appointments.

Travel assistance may also be available for cancer related medical appointments and airport transfers if no other transport options are available to you.

Complementary Therapies

Access different therapies to aid the emotional and physical stresses that you may experience through and after your treatments, including:

Crystal/sound healing
3 Month gym membership to help build strength, agility and fitness post treatment. 
Art Therapy

Peer Support Group & Workshops

Throughout the year, Reach Us Pilbara Inc will host a number of peer run cancer support groups and workshops. Check our calendar of events and social media pages for updates or sign up to our newsletter.


Find helpful contacts and resources specific for your cancer journey.

Loan Library

Loan and return cancer specific books, headscarves and other items.

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