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Woodside Communities- Helping us to help you!

Reach Us Pilbara Inc has recently been awarded not one but TWO grants from Woodside. The first grant through the Woodside Community Grants Program enables us to buy a Laptop and accessories to continue to operate efficiently with reliable equipment.

The second grant we received was through the Woodside COVID-19 Community Fund in support of our Initiative to reduce Cancer patients possible exposure to COVID by reducing their need to access the supermarket and shopping centre.

This Grant has been a huge boost to the wellbeing of cancer patients by providing fresh produce such as fruit and vegetable boxes and meat from our local butcher delivered directly to their doors. They have also been enjoying having fully prepared meals delivered to their doors by local businesses.

This COVID Grant has been a great boost, not only to our people but to the local businesses who we have engaged to deliver the fresh produce and meals. We fully appreciate the support given by Woodside during these strange times. Thankyou!

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