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Did you know? Lotterywest Funding in 2021

Did you know that Reach Us Pilbara Inc. received $85020 of funding for 2021 from Lotterywest to employ a full time Support Coordinator and expand services to other Pilbara towns?

The Lotterywest Board recommended our application for a grant which was then approved by the Hon. Mark McGowan MLA. The difference that this grant has made to our organisation this year is phenomenal! We have been able to travel to the more remote towns in the Pilbara to raise awareness of our support services, we have had more time to liase with clients and service providers. We have also begun undertaking map and gapping to investigate what other services are available to cancer patients in our Pilbara region.

The number of families we are supporting has increased by almost 50% already this year, highlighting the increasing need for support service provision for cancer patients in the Pilbara. Thank you Lotterywest and Mark McGowan for supporting Reach Us Pilbara Inc. Thanks also to Kevin Michel who has supported Reach Us and at times worked tirelessly in the background to try to find solutions for cancer patients impacted by travel restrictions or other issues.

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